Ravina’s School

The best school of Tai Chi Chikung and Healing Arts
What is TAI CHI CHIKUNG? It is a method that works with energy; called YIN AND YANG AND TAI CHI…..it is YIN AND YANG energy in balance: to improve your health and for restoration of your body.


We welcome you to Ravina’s School to learn and practice TAI CHI CHIKUNG
TAICHI CHIKUNG: Using Tai Chi Chuan and Chikung to move and guide these energies into your body via meridians that are the pathways through which these energies run in order to clean, to feed and to give balance to your organs.


In the year 1957, in Lima, Peru, a child was born. He was named Edwin Ravina Tello. At the age of 7 years old He began his training in the field of martial arts.

His formal educational studies in PERU, USA, and CHINA are in Traditional Kungfu, Chikung, Classical Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with Grand Master Chang Yembo. Master Ravina continued his studies and practices in Beijing, China. These studies and practices were in Clinical Acupuncture with Dr. Jane Li, Tuina Chinese Massage with Dr Xue Nan , Head Scalp Acupuncture with Dr. Zhang Ning and Dr. Wuang Jia, as well as Asian Bodywork Therapies and Medical Chikung with Master Tianyou Hao.

To acquire continuing knowledge in healing arts Master Ravina, in 2014, studied Herbal Medicine through the European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2016 he went to Tainan, Taiwan to study hand acupuncture with Dr. Deng Fen Hsuch. During that same trip Master Ravina exchanged Tai Chi Chuan and kung Fu experiences with a Master at Wudang , Taiwan. Additionally, in 2018 he traveled to Khaosiung, Taiwan to exchange cultural Martial Arts experiences in Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi fan with the people of ROC / Taiwan.

He received local and national recognition in martial arts in His native Peru. He taught and nurtured many young students and adult seniors who became national and international martial arts champions. Master Ravina lives in the United States now, where he diffuses and teaches Tai Chi Chikung, thereby helping people to stay in optimum health.

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